What are the requirements of the state with free Internet

The creator of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee, together with Ghana, France and German politicians, has developed an action plan for improving the Internet. The document entitled «Network Treaty» consists of the principles that must be observed at three levels: user, government and company levels. The article discusses the basic requirements at the government stage of the implementation of the network contract.

The document states that each person should be access to the Internet. To perform this item, you must match the three criteria:

Legislative bodies should develop measures to comply with laws and regulations aimed at expanding Internet access:

In addition, it is necessary to provide Internet access for systematically excluded populations:

An important point is the quality of the signal to which the state can influence.

Another important part of the data confidentiality was:

Government requests must comply with the following criteria:


Russian politicians did not comment on the provisions of the Treaty, but the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on the digital and technological development of Dmitry Peskov during the discussion of the law on significant IT companies and the problems of the global development of the Russian innovative business gave several comments affecting the ideas of Tim Berners-Lee:

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